Making the Smart Camera Smarter

Digital Peel's Patented Technology


Gives cameras the power to instantly recognize people.


Cameras can Instantly Recognize,  AutoTag, and Share Pictures to Social Media.


Cameras have the Power to Identify People with

wearable technology solutions.


Works with pictures and videos, smartphones, and cameras up to 2000 feet away.


Social Media  Automation 

By simply using wearable smart sensor technology and directional wireless energy, we can give cameras the power to instantly recognize, trigger, auto tag, and share media on the fly.

Enabling Smarter Cameras

Over 3 billion photos, videos and streams are uploaded to the internet every day and there are over 5 billion people are within this media. Our mission is to automate people's social media experience with new technology  camera solutions and tools.

Automate your Cameras


With all these pictures and videos being stored on the internet everyday, wouldn't it make sense to automate cameras to recognize people with wearables and instantly route their media where they want it?

Automate your Social Media

This solution enables full Social Media Automation.  Uses can have online profiles with instructions detailing where they want their pictures auto uploaded.  Or even have their friends alerted to follow them in real time.